Monday, September 17

Week 2 Pick 'em Recap

Just a quick post for now, I'll try and hunt down some entertaining blog posts later:

Ryan: 3 pts, 4-2 (8 pts, 8-4)
John: -1 pt, 4-2 (12 pts, 8-4)
Emily: 1 pts, 3-3 (0 pts, 6-6)

Wow, I didn't realize Emily had such a good week until I posted that, congrats, looks like I'll need a War Eagle upset tonight to catch her. I guess, I could learn a thing or two from her unwavering faith in Bill Belicheat.

Edit: OOPS, looks like I was drinking the Emily Kool-Aid, thanks for the catch, what an honest guest, and a better picker than Byron too...

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Anonymous said...

maybe I shouldn't be pointing this out, but I think my score is wrong, pretty sure I went 3-3. Emily