Monday, September 24

Knee Jerk 16

1) LSU - Dominant, though again at home, over the Gamecocks, they'll test their road mettle at KY and AL in 2 and 4 weeks respectively
2) USC - Just blowing out opponents, man, I really wish they played in the SEC or a league where they would be tested week in and week out, then it'd be easier to get an actual barometer for how good they've been over the past 4 years
3) Oklahoma - As Football Outsiders says (and this is probably more important in the parity-filled NFL)
4) Florida - Ole Miss, really guys? That was nearly grounds for knee jerking them out of the top 5, but no one else really had a good enough weekend to bump them out
5) West Virginia - Dominated weak competition, similar to the teams above them in the rankings, oh and Pat White is getting LUCKY!
6) Ohio St - Simply building on the performance at Washington, looking like they might be the team to beat in the Big XI
7) California - The Bears continue to erase their blunder at Colorado St with big wins
8) Rutgers - Idle
9) Texas - Putting away bad competition (noticing a theme here?)
10) Oregon - Ummm, see above (numbers 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9)
11) BC - Wow, why did I do this this week? I should have just copied and pasted last week's in with Penn St erased, I mean, see above (1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10)
12) Kentucky - Woah, is this a change in the poll?!!? Yes, for those of you who remember, I went out on a limb, and hung out on the Arkansas/McFadden bandwagon for another week. Well, there's a new SEC bandwagon that I'm obligated to jump on since this is the Knee Jerk 16, though the victory over Louisville looks a little less impressive now
13) Penn St - I wasn't in total agreement with some of the calls that lead to this upset, but Michigan looked silly against Oregon, Penn St shouldn't have been in the position where calls would make a difference in the outcome of the game
14) Clemson - They've shown up some decent opponents, winning by 20 points on the road is impressive, I don't care if it was NC State
15) Wisconsin - Slipping, slipping, the Big XI is really looking weak this year
16) Miami - The first signature win of the Randy Shannon era, beating a top 25 team on the road is enough to outweigh the loss at OU (besides, OU is pretty good, even without Sweet Purple Jesus)

Booted: Arkansas, Louisville, South Carolina

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