Monday, September 10

Pick 'Em Recap

John: 13 pts, 4-2
Ryan: 5 pts, 4-2
Byron: -1 pts. 3-3

I personally feel insulted as the two losses I incurred were results of muffed punts (thanks Eagles) or just a direct shaft from the referees (Todd Heap Touchdown? OT?). Although, I will admit that I got a little lucky with the Broncos, but I'd trade that for my killer 6 point game of the week. I guess I was overeager to crown the Eagles after their preseason display against my beloved Panthers. Speaking of, congrats to finally winning a winnable game, last season that would have been a squeaker.

Also, from Deadspin, a unique look at the last second field goal to win the Broncos-Bills game.

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