Saturday, September 15

Ryan's Week 2 Pick 'em

Hopefully, I won't get robbed out of a decent record this week, but we'll see.

6) Green Bay over @New York Giants - to steal a line from John, Brett Favre BLOWS UP for 5 TDs, the Giants secondary is horrid which may help GB hide its inability to run the ball, and as you all know, I'm on board with the young Packers defense
5) New Orleans over @Tampa Bay - gotta be a bounce back game, right?
4) Seattle over @Arizona - wow, thats a lot of winning road teams, I'll take the better overall team here, the Cards really need to show me something before I put faith in them
3) @New England over San Diego - great matchup here, but I think the Pats are the better balanced team
2) San Francisco over @St. Louis - this one is tough, but I think the loss of Pace and Tye Hill hurts the Rams, where defense was already an issue
1) @Detroit over Minnesota - I can't believe I'm going with the Lions, but the Vikings are really one dimensional, and the Flyin' Lions can really throw the ball around, look for a huge game from Kitna

Extra Point: Washington over Philadelphia (-7.0) - I couldn't see any of the other games having upsets, this one seems much more likely that the next closest candidate, NYJ over Baltimore

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