Wednesday, January 24

Yes, Virginia, There is an NCAA Tournament

Who wants to venture a guess as to whether Virginia will earn an at-large bid in the tournament this year? I can't figure them out. They've beaten Arizona, Maryland, and Gonzaga (did you see the Gonzaga game?), but they've also lost to Utah (111) and Happy Appy (119). Blech. Right now, they stand at 11-6, 3-2 in ACC play. Not bad for the 61st-ranked team. Their schedule from here on out, however, seems to be double-or-nothing. Highlights: NCSU, Miami 2x, Wake, and...Longwood. Lowlights: Clemson, Duke, Maryland again, VaTech 2x, Florida State, and Georgia Tech. One could very easily give them just five more wins with that schedule. But then again...did you see the Gonzaga game? (By the way, Kenpom gives them six more wins, throwing them a bone against Florida State at home.) I think they'll get seven more wins (I'll take them over VaTech at home), finishing at 18-11, and earning a low seed in the tournament.

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