Sunday, January 21

Championship Weekend Results

to quote John's entry from last week "Wow, what a game", and even though my mom IMed me the touchdown before it happened its still a happy ending. in summary, on the week Ryan +10 (2-0) and John -2 (1-1) bringing the cumulative playoff numbers to Ryan +22 (9-1) John +10 (7-3). i guess you could call John the Colts, always looking good regular season but lagging in the playoffs, and myself the Patriots, full of heart and coming through in the clutch, or maybe we need a better metaphor. luckily for John I talked him out of picking the Patriots, or else he'd be doomed, ok, maybe that's not the total case, but anyways, i suppose the Super Bowl will be worth 10 points.

in related news, the Heels are back on top of KenPom, with our defense (#2) passing our offense (#5) (probably thanks to the two most recent sloppy games, the DE against Clemson was 69.6). also the strength of schedule is looking sharp at 23rd, and just wait til game at 'Zona gets thrown in.

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