Wednesday, January 24

1/25 Daily And-1

Ok, so this is the last header paragraph for a Daily And-1, you should all know the drill by now, and I'm going to start dating them.

1) College Parity - Upsets galore last night as Vandy, Texas Tech, and Georgia took down higher ranked opponents. The Aggies and Wildcats are something of paper tigers, and Kentucky had been streaky of late and lost to a solid Bulldog squad, so this wasn't an unheard of night, just more conference games where anything can happen. Worth noting that Florida must have some heart after gutting out a 3 point win on the road.

2) Lovie's getting the love - The Bears are doing the right thing and stepping to the plate to extend and increase Lovie Smith's lowest in the NFL contract. This will give him the raise he's earned and make the Cowboys opening a non-story over the next two weeks.

And-1) Aussie Tennis Update - Unseeded Serena is on to the finals where she awaits Clijsters/Sharaova (ha, that might average out to a moderatley attractive person). And on the men's side, tomorrow is the Roddick/Federer matchup in the semi-finals. Edit: Federer swept Roddick today in straight sets (still hasn't dropped one this tourney) and the women's final is Serena/Maria

In the future I may lean towards "missing the free throw" here, and skipping out if its as slow as the news has been lately. That or saving one of the college games for some more in depth analysis down here (Texas A&M: Contender/Pretender, perhaps). That way the 2 stories are key, and then the extra And-1 is more of my spin on things, just a thought. I do think rambling out the several smaller stories is not the way to go, sorta makes it silly to call it the "And-1"

Pistons 103 Bobcats 92
Heels 88 Deacs 60

Clemson @ Duke - are the Tigers for real real?
Oregon @ UW - can the Huskies get back on track?


John said...

I hear the Daily And-1s are high maintenance; I'd think twice before dating them.

Alas, no Swiss Miss in the quarters :(

I'll save the Texas A&M analysis for you, big boy.

Clemson Tigers: for real real.
Can Washington get back on track? HELL no. Although Oregon is overrated, they'll still dominate the Huskies and their hot cheerleaders.

Ryan said...

here's a nice Jeff Davidson Q&A
i'll repost it in tomorrow's &1