Tuesday, January 30

1/30 Daily And-1

1) Barbaro to the Glue Factory - Yeah, yeah, lame lead off for a lame sports day. In a tragedy of tragedies, the great horse will not soon be matched. Oh wait, whats that? No Triple Crown? You mean, Barbaro didn't do something no other horse has done since Secretariat? Oh, I'm sorry, because based on the media coverage you'd have thought he was the best thing since sliced bread. Anyways, I'm sad a horse died, but happy we'll never have to hear about him again.

2) Hoops Action - Pittsburgh went to underrated 'Nova and won last night, could they be lining up for a #2 if they win the Big East? I think they might slip into one, with either a #1 finish or a Big East Tourney win. Its close, but i don't think Texas A&M will get the props for a #2 but we'll see (I promise, the analysis is coming, sometime before Saturday's showdown with Kansas). Also, what happened to the Big East since 2003 their RPI has been 4, 3, 2, 2, but this year they're 7th (same trend in KP ratings but not as drastic 4, 3, 2, 2, but they're 4th now). Their best team is Pitt at 8-1, after that there is a logjam at 2 losses with G-town, Marquette, L'ville. Imagine if they hadn't become a super-mega conference no Marquette or L'ville. It just seems like an odd down year for a conference with 16 teams.

And-1) Baseball Hot Stove - (Why the hell is it called that? John? Anyone?) Bonds passed a physical (probably sans drug test) and will complete his deal with the Giants. Speaking of 'roiders Sosa completed his deal with the Rangers, and the Rockies have broken off trade talks with the Red Sox who want Todd Helton, damn right Rockies you better clean 'em out if they want Helton.

Bobcats 105 George Karl's Nuggets 101

Mich St. @ Illinois
Maryland @ FSU
ND @ 'Cuse


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