Tuesday, January 23

Daily ?????

Ok, so I've got some name ideas, how about the "And-1" or more colloquially the "Tyler" or "Hansbrough". Anyways, I'm also going to defacto include any results of the teams this blog affiliates itself with a list including UNC Basketball (M & W), Carolina Panthers, Charlotte Bobcats, and Atlanta Braves. If you have any additions (and no hockey so don't ask) just leave them in the comments.

1) OK St v. OU - OK St holds off a fiesty OU team for a KP upset (though it was in Stillwater) the Cowboys haven't beaten anyone spectacular (Losses to KU & Tex A&M) but the do beat the even competition.

2) Melo & AI - combined for 51 point in a route of the Grizzlies, though it was the Grizzlies.

And 1) Top DT Commits - the fresh UNC coaching staff has reigned in the top non-committed player (94th overall, 3rd DT), pulling the 6'3" 290 lb. Tydreke Powell away from VT and Penn St.

Scores: Raptors 105 Bobcats 84 pretty ugly

oh yeah, and another Bengal got arrested (9 in 9 months)

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