Monday, January 22

The First Ever Daily Dish

Now introducing, Ryan's Daily Dish. In an attempt to gain a larger readership (we're at 2.5 and counting) I've decided to use consistent and appropriate capitalization and to deliver to you the top 3 sports stories from the past 24 hours. The number of 24 hour periods missed will be reflected by the number of stories, though there may be "a & b". Today's entry starts with yesterday's and a bit about today. Also, I promise that there will be at least one entry related to college basketball (well, until April).

1) Championship Results
a) Colts over Patriots - Peyton finally gets the demons off his back, or whatever, Golden Boy Brady throws a pick on the seal the game for the Colts, oops, at least the Vinatieri signing didn't backfire.
b) Bears over Saints - The dream ride comes to an end for the Gulf Coast, but the Saints still had an amazing season, they should be able to keep it up with some defensive minded drafting.

2) Parcells Steps Down - Bill Parcells retires as coach of the Cowboys, hopefully the best candidates haven't already been picked over by Cardinals (Wisenhunt) and Steelers (Tomlin), at least he left the franchise in better shape than the Giants or Jets.

3) Marquette v. Pitt - The Golden Eagles pulled off the upset at Pitt last night in OT, this adds to their inconsistency (losses to Providence & ND State wins against Duke, UConn & Pitt.

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