Monday, January 1


Ryan takes the cake in the last week of the season and proudly/promptly posts the season's results:

Week 17
Ryan: 6-2 (33-47)
John: 4-4 (44-36)
combo platter (mmm, general tso's AND lo mein): 2-1 (19-26)

good year, thanks to everyone involved, especially byron and his computer picks for giving us some excitement a few weeks ago. now: ONTO THE PLAYOFFS, that's right, all this was just a warmup for the serious picking. the matchups are set so get you thinking caps on:

edit: the Panther's 2007 opponents are out: NFC West (score!) and the AFC South (ouch), along with Green Bay on the road and Dallas at home.

Oh, and an impromptu bowl game pick'em if john reads this before 1 o'clock:
Outback: Penn St over Tenn
Cotton: Auburn over Nebraska
Capital One: Arkansas over Wisconsin
Gator: West Virginia over GT (by a LARGE margain)
Rose: Michigan over USC
Fiesta: Oklahoma over Boise St. (Peterson 245 yds 3 TDs, gets drafted #4 overall to Cleveland)
Orange: Louisville over Wake Forest
Sugar: LSU over ND (i mean, its a home game)
BCS: Ohio St over Florida (greg oden gets his revenge at tight end)
(sorry, no GMAC or Intl bowls)

KenPom watch:
UNC rose to #3 with a strong defensive outing against Dayton allowing 51 pts on 75 poss (67.42) and scoring 81 pts on 76 poss (105.81). this slid the Heels to 5th on offense but 9th on defense.

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