Monday, January 8

alright, just a quick props to John and myself it was a 10 point perfect weekend for the both of us, all thanks to Tony Homo. UNC held serve at home tonight to defacto take the #1 spot with the UCLA loss. I'd personally give it to Florida combining the stats aspect to the quality win aspect (OSU) but we all know thats not how it really works. anyways, first appearance at #1 in the AP for the heels since 2000-01, suprising. (sorry, got a little link happy)

next weeks' NFL games, so put your thinking caps on...
Indy @ Baltimore
Philly @ N'awlins
Seattle @ Chicago
NE @ San Diego

and to leave everyone with a smile on their face (that's Greg Paulus on the bottom btw):

(yay! a PICTURE on the blog, and a good one at that)

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