Thursday, January 18

Power 16 for January 18
TeamKenpomAPPower 16Average
1. Florida2111.3
2. North Carolina1443.0
2. UCLA4323.0
4. Wisconsin6233.7
5. Texas A&M3876.0
5. Kansas8556.0
7. Ohio State5786.7
8. Pittsburgh12668.0
9. Duke7141612.3
10. Arizona17111012.7
11. Memphis10171413.7
12. Oregon
13. Butler18181216.0
14. Air Force22131516.7
15. Kentucky14252120.0
16. Indiana932Not Rated20.5
16. Georgia Tech1130Not Rated20.5

So here's the deal; for the Power 16 from now on we're taking the average of Kenpom rating, AP rank, and ESPN's Power 16 rank. All teams in any of the top 16s were considered; those that were in one or more top 16 but did not make the list are (in order of average score):West Virginia, Connecticut, Louisiana State, Georgetown, Alabama, Oklahoma State, and Nevada.

Also, I can't figure out how to get it to show gridlines on Blogger; this format'll have to do.

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