Friday, January 26

1/26 Daily And-1

1) For Real Real - I'm not sure if this means Clemson is as good as advertised, Duke is worse than advertised, or my theory (Clemson's ball pressure gets at Duke's weak spot) is correct.
Its most likely a combination of all three, but the Tigers played the Devils close in Cameron, something that's easier said than done. Also, props to getting it done when it counts 10-11 at the FT line, WOW, thats 30% above their season average. Though I hope the whistle blows a bit more in 2 weeks when the Heels visit Cameron, team fouls 15 to 10, yes for the entire game.

2) NFL bans EPOs - I'm not a PED expert, so most of the wisdom is in the article, but basically this equates to MLB banning andro a while back, and as the article says, if a league cares enough to ban something, it must be being used by players.

And-1) "84 or 85" - Today from the comedy section, we have Gilbert Arenas' attempt to predict his point total were he to play Duke and Coach K. This is likely an extrapolation of his 50+ point game against the other Team USA coach (Mike D'Antoni, Pheonix Suns). Lets just put it this way, I would pay a large sum of money to see John Scheyer and/or Greg Paulus attempting to guard Gilbert Arenas.

Last Night's Wrap-Up:
Clemson = for real real
UW rolls back towards the happy side of the bubble, "knocking off" overrated Oregon
via John: props to Brook Lopez, a triple double the hard way (16 pts 11 rbs 12 BLOCKS), though its his (twin?) brother Robin Lopez who is 38th in the nation with a 9.4 Blk%.

no top-100 RPI/KP games
edit: Bobcats @ Lakers, 10:30 (and free NBA League Pass!)

Ok, ok, I had this all written, and then a rant came up, in this article Clark Kellogg in his infinite wisdom has deemed Billy Donovan worthy of Coach of the Year, but has left Roy Williams off the list. I'm not saying either deserve it, I'm of the mind that the coach that does the most with the least should win. That said, on a list of ~15 candidates, how can Donovon's name come before Roy Williams. Team record: practically equal, Team schedule: UNC's much harder, plus Roy has had to coach and play freshmen mixed in with an established group, not the exact same team that WON A TITLE LAST YEAR. It seems silly to mention one and not the other. Also, not that I follow these teams, but Oregon? Cal? WTF? Someone obviously loves the Pac-10 more than John.


John said...

I did like how one announcer claimed he had gotten it "the hard way," and then the other muttered in a soft tone, "I don't know that there's such a thing as an easy triple-double." They then proceeded to rip Lopez for not having quick enough hands and thus not getting 10+ assists (in jest). I thought it was pretty funny. Have I told you how much I love Pac-10 hoops on FSN?

Anonymous said...

"The league acknowledges that a timing error was made in not starting the game clock at the correct time," said Clougherty, adding the situation was resolved internally but did not elaborate. (
This was the statement from John Clougherty, an ACC official, who described the Conference's stance on the game clock controversy. I wonder if the ACC will have a 'make up job' similar to what they did for FSU last year. After Duke had an outrageous FT advantage over the 'Noles in a home win, the conference responded by giving FSU an outrageous FT advantage when they played in Tallahassee. We'll find out on Feb 22 if they do anything.
- Cason