Friday, January 5

ok, its time for the games that count, PLAYOFF PICK'EM. i'm going to test out the new system of ranking games in order of confidence and see how it compares to the usual W-L method. i'm all for having a money game, but i dunno which it will be, so that will have to be added PS (or PP post post).

Games (in order of appearance)

Chiefs @ Colts: This goes against the recent article on FO, that defense correlates strongly to playoff success, specifically run defense, but i'll chalk the Colts up to being an anomaly. The Chiefs' pass defense is too leaky and the Colts should build up a healthy lead. Besides, LJ will blow out his ACL in the 2nd quarter, season carry number 436. I'll take the COLTS (3) in a shootout.

Cowboys @ Seahawks: I had my mind made up on this one a while ago, the cowboys couldn't beat several NCAA teams right now, Romo is hitting the rookie wall (ie, when the other team gets your game film) and their defense also can't contain the Seahawks offense. SEAHAWKS (2)

Jets @ Patriots: In an article I was reading there was a conspiracy theory presented saying the Pats threw the game against the Jets earlier so that the Broncos wouldn't make the playoffs, well it worked, and now the Pats get an easy win at home, much easier than against the Broncos. PATRIOTS (4)

Giants @ Eagles: This is the closest game, they split and know each other well. The Giants haven't shown the ability to win in the playoffs with this group of players (see 23-0 last season) and I have no reason to believe they'll turn it around now, other than the X Factor, Tiki busting out to stay on the field. Thats why this one is getting a "1" from me. EAGLES (1)

yeah, yeah, all home teams, but i figure if i guess wrong on the upset and there is one (likely) i'd be 2-2, if i don't guess i'm probably going to be 3-1. Besides, my intuition, stats, and FO predictions all line up, this seems like a solid week.

In other news, John?!?
yeah, a post before 4 would be ideal, i know that his picks are one different then mine, so i trust him if he posts tonight, i just don't know his point values. my guess is he didn't know the games were on saturday, oh well.

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