Saturday, January 6

Sorry, I was away from the free world for the past two days moving furniture in Collettsville and forgot they played NFL games on Saturdays now (who knew?). So you'll have to trust me on this one when I say I picked all these games before this weekend. Since the Colts game has already ended by this point, I'll list them as my 1 game. I have not seen any of the Seahawks/Cowboys game yet; after I post I plan to go watch it.

Basically, they're all the home teams for this round; just couldn't see picking against any of them, even though I told Ryan I was picking one away team (I was on the fence about the Cowboys). I'm going: 4 points to the Patriots, 3 points to the Eagles, 2 to the Seahawks, and 1 to the Colts. Yes, that's 1 point that's guaranteed, but I think I earned at least that much with my overall record this season. Hopefully Ryan and I will differ somewhat in our picks for next week.

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