Wednesday, January 24

1/24 Daily And-1

So, an overwhelming majority of you (~83%) voted to stick with the And-1 for now, so this being a democratically run outfit, we'll try the name out. Onto today's news:

1) Panther's Hire Coordinator - Jeff Davidson out of the Belicheck coaching tree via the Cleveland Browns, he was their OC for the last 10 games of the season, and was a part of New England's Super Bowl wins, hopefully we'll get to see more effective use of TE's and better lanes for RB's

2) Upset Specials - Two fairly large upsets last night in college ball, Auburn over Alabama (that's sort of like Duke beating UNC at football), and St. John's over Notre Dame. Both of these were home games, so no huge shock, and both of the upset teams had losses to other crappy teams, ok, not ND, but 'Bama was shaky (check out John's jubilations below for more Auburn praise)

And-1) Ok, it was a pretty weak sports day, Parcells is still quitting, the Deacs are probably going to be overmatched tonight hosting the Heels, and Tank Johnson can go to the Super Bowl (says the judge with the Bears jersey under his robe). But my official And-1 is going to be mentioning BC's possible second to last ACC win, they held off FSU at home and their only other definite winnable game is Miami, sure gonna miss that Sean Williams, maybe he can go to OK St., they need a big man, right?

Pistons @ Bobcats
Heels @ Deacs

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