Saturday, January 27

1/27 Daily And-1

1) "Timing Error" - I guess this means Clemson is really for real real. In case you haven't heard, someone "slipped up" and didn't start the clock as Clemson tied the game, but started it after that. Then a home court ruling added about twice the number of seconds to the clock as should have been allowing Duke to tie the game.

2) Aussie Results - Serena ran over Maria last night, 6-1, 6-2 to take the Australian Open. Yeah, yeah, she's unseeded, but that just means she hasn't played in a while. But based on the results they might as well have Greco-Roman wrestled for the title.

And-1) Shootout in the Desert - The Heels take on the 'Cats today in Tuscon, lets see if I can hit the cliche nail on the head "first team to 100 wins". Ok, yeah, that was fun, now some real analysis: Arizona doesn't force enough TO's (17.7 OppTO%, 328th) or defend shots well enough (50.4% effFGA 183rd) to slow down the Heel's offense. The 'Cats offense, despite being high powered doesn't respond well to pace (r=-.29) and their defense suffers when their opposistion rebound offensively (r=+.46). On the flip side, the Heels defense thrives off TOs (r=-.62*) while Arizona takes care of the ball (19.1 TO%, 44th). And lets not forget about home court advantage, the Heels have only lost at away or neutral sites. Edit: Arizona has a 29 game non-conference home winning streak.

Bobcats 106, Lakers 97 (OT) - wins are nice, sweeping the Lakers is nice, but are we getting a little too far away from Oden/Durant? I mean, I'd swap wins for that 3rd or 4th lottery spot, besides, we're due for a lottery W, we've never won it. Getting Greg Oden in Charlotte would do so much for ticket sales, etc.

Heels @ 'Cats
Bobcats @ GS Warriors
Lady Heels @ Terps (Sunday)

(the following at all top 50 matchups)
Illinois @ Purdue
Michigan @ Indiana
Mich St @ Ohio St
OU @ T A&M
'Cuse @ L'Ville
'Nova @ ND
Bradley @ Mizz St (52, its close enough)
Oregon @ Wazzu
Arkansas @ 'Bama
Florida @ Auburn (yeah, yeah, they're only 80th)
BC @ Duke
Depaul @ WVU
Tenn @ UK

Wow, what a slate of games, enjoy 'em folks. The Daily And-1 will be off tomorrow as I'm mucking around Falls Lake looking for birds.

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