Thursday, January 11

Ryan's Computer Rankings (Pyth, Def, Cons, Luck, Pyth)
2Duke (yeah, i said Def)
3North Carolina

5West Virginia

9Ohio St.
11Texas A&M

13Missouri St.
16Virginia Tech

ok, i'll explain myself, defense wins championships and its harder to come by. if your team is defensively sound that will be there EVERY GAME offense can come and go, my word is final.


Anonymous said...

what a crappy ranking system

Ryan said...

care to offer up a more viable option that might lead to intelligent discourse?

Anonymous said...

are you arbitrarily picking teams you think are good based only on their defensive capabilities? if that were the case, then why not define your "power 16" as "defensive power 16," that might make more sense

Ryan said...

I take stats from (a possessions based college bball site). The overall ranking makes up 80%, 7.5% Consistency, 7.5% Strength of Sched, 5% Defensive Rating, and a +/- for previous luck. I feel that the overall rating on KP is pretty strong, thus the weight there. At the same time, if you play more consistently and have been tested against a stronger schedule are better than teams with a weaker schedule (ie Clemson). Also, defense is in general harder to coach and have in a team. A team's defense involves actual teamwork whereas offense can be affected by a single person but it takes a team to play good defense, thus it should be valued slightly more highly.