Thursday, January 4

Power 16 for January 4:

2. Arizona
3. Duke
4. UNC

5. West Virginia
6. Connecticut
7. Ohio State
8. Wisconsin

9. Texas A&M
10. Florida
11. Butler
12. Memphis

13. Maryland
14. Alabama
15. Kansas
16. Notre Dame


Ryan said...

ok john, i think i've nailed down your numbers, BUT, some questions. how could you include Maryland (18/212/196)(Rank/Cons/SOS) but not Kentucky (29/38/10), Missouri St (25/96/48) and Clemson (23/61/213)? I mean, its not Clemson's fault they have a candy ass schedule, what else can they do but play who they're supposed to?

this is in NO WAY a validation of your method, just a glance at SOS and Cons to keep you in check.

John said...

At this point in the season, after conference play has started, I feel that the actual ratings have much more meaning. Therefore, I'm basing my Power 16 off the ratings, with adjustments for SOS and Consistency, which is why Kain'tuck, Missouri State, and the last unbeaten team got snubbed this week. Granted, there's not much difference between 18 and 23, 25, and 29, but I also feel like Maryland would whoop any of their asses.

John said...

You'll also note that my lowest-rated team included was Alabama, which I think was ranked 21st on Thursday. This is in stark comparison to my earlier Power 16s, which sometimes included teams ranked in the 40s. Kain'tuck happened to be one of those 40+ teams.