Wednesday, January 24

Go Pack

Top Five ACC Scorers, by Offensive Rating (as of January 21):

1. Jared Dudley (Byron's faaaaavorite player, and really, person in general)
2. K.C. Rivers
3. Sean Singletary
4. Tyler Hansbrough
5. Ben McCauley (Go Pack)

Now, tell me, how many of you (yes, all 2.5 of you) would have picked McCauley to have a higher ORtg than Brandan Wright (he's sixth)? Byron, were we aware that McCauley was NCSU's best player? An NCSU player? An ACC player? A basketball player? Just say when.

Oh, by the way, Nick Fazekas would rank second on this list, behind the all-powerful Jared Dudley. For those of you who know who Nick Fazekas is. (Byron does now.)

1 comment:

Ryan said...

props to KC Rivers, 2nd OFF THE BENCH over at Clemson, no mention John? poor form, poor form.

but aside from that, Byron does love him some Jared Dudley (and Sean Singletary, did you SEE the Gonzaga game?)