Thursday, March 1

3/1 Daily And-1

1) College Wrap Up - Maryland went up big early and held off Duke on their Senior Night (like I told everyone, losing to Maryland on the road isn't a bad loss), meanwhile, in Austin the 'Horns and Aggies took it down to the wire and played to an essential tie 3 times (Reg, OT1, 2 pt margin to end OT2 = a Ryan tie), however, fortunately the polls/Joe Lunardi don't think that way, this should help ease the pressure of Texas A&M on UNC as a 1-seed (Katz Article). 'Nova beat UConn to keep the Huskies spiraling downward (@ UConn no less). Similarly over in the SEC things went as planned, as UK beat UGA and Arkansas beat Miss St at home.

2) NFL Cuts -
Some suprising names, most of all Jamal Lewis (WTF?), his cap hit must have been huge so they're just going to try and resign him. The Panthers are restructuring Jordan Gross' contract (which moves from ~.5 mill to 4.5 mil this off season, ouchie). All NFL teams must be under the cap by the 3rd when Free Agency starts. This year's prime cut of Porterhouse Steak for your local GM: Adalius Thomas, averaging better than 70 tackles, 9 sacks, and 1 pick the last 3 years, who the Ravens declined to franchise. Also, the Bears extended Lovie Smith's contract.

And-1) More 'Roiding
- A couple more stories about the Florida 'Roid Ring.


UNC @ GT 3/1
Dook @ UNC 3/4

Duke 67 UNC 62
UNC vs. BC/VT Winner 3/2 (ACC Tourney)

Bobcats 102 76ers 87
Raptors 93 Bobcats 76
Clippers 100 Bobcats 93
Kings 135 Bobcats 120
@ Jail Blazers 3/1
@ Supersonics 3/4
@ Jazz 3/5
@ Suns 3/7
West coast trip: 2 games down, 0-2 (pred: 1-5)

VT @ UVA (go 'Hoos)
Memphis @ UTEP (the Tigers are beefing up their schedule again)
UCLA @ Wazzu (tasty)

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