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3/7 "Daily" And-1 GRRRRR

Wow, sorry, its been a while, I talked myself out of posting Mondays and just took it a little too far. Anyways, I'll be out of internet contact (but hope to god not TV contact) for Spring Break (starting Thursday) and will rely on John to keep you informed of ACC/NCAA Tourney happenings.

1) College Action - this section used to be longer, see explanation below, basically 4 teams could have tied for the ACC Reg Season, but only UNC came through with a win, UW beat UCLA, OKSt dropped their last game at Nebraska (2-8 last 10, no home wins)

2) NFL Action - The free agent market opened up check out the results here ditto from the above section see below.

And-1) UNC/Duke - A number of good links about this game and the extracurricular events that surrounded it, here is just a sampling: Forde, Lucas, Jones. In my opinion, the foul was not intentional, Henderson wasn't sent in to injure Tyler. However, the elbow had excessive force that didn't need to be there at any point in the game much less with 14s left. Thus a flagrant foul was called and the appropriate action taken by the officials. Now, that said, I would like to express extreme displeasure with 2 individuals (in no particular order). Coach K: he handled the initial comments well, but the attempt to shift blame to either Tyler Hansbrough or Roy Williams is juvenile and should be beneath him. Apparently he just couldn't handle taking the blame. Billy Packer: when I got home, I watched the DVR'd version of the foul, and dispite a mountain of video evidence showing that Henderson a) swung his elbow, b) at Tyler's face, and c) with the ball already out of Tyler's hands, that there shouldn't have been a foul called on Henderson (it was on the first Duke player Stevie Whiteboy) and that Henderson should neither be ejected or suspended. In summary, I agree with most of the things Forde said, the foul was flagrant, not intentional, and the correct action was taken. Oh, yeah, there was a game played or something. UNC essentially ran Duke out of the gym, defending the 3 well and taking care of the ball, the Heels used easy buckets to shoot ~10% better than the Devils. As the N&O puts it here, this is the Carolina we've all missed since late January (the one that waxed top 25 opponents by 20 points per game, remember?), the same one that will have to show up if they want to play their way to Atlanta.

All-ACC teams - props to John for nailing the 1st team, I mean, I guess you have to trust us on that one, man, I wish we had a place where we could predict things like that, and then look back and see what became of our predictions, sigh. A couple of noteworthy points: The 5th place finisher on the 1st team Dowdell had 90 1st team votes, the 6th place finisher overall (1st on the 2nd team, JR Reynolds) had 20, good to see an overall agreement, and nobody getting the short end of the stick. Also, HOW did Josh McRoberts (5th) finish above Demarcus Nelson (7th) in All-Defensive team voting? I believe it was Nelson who guarded the fleet footed second coming of Raymond Felton Ty Lawson Sunday afternoon while McRoberts "defended" Hansbrough to the tune of 26 and 17. POY Dudley, ROY Wright, COY Leito (sp?)


GT 84 UNC 77
UNC 86 Dook 72
UNC vs. Clemson/FSU winner 3/9

Duke 67 UNC 62
UNC 90 VT 60
UNC 78 Maryland 72
UNC 60 NC State 54 (Congrats to the ACC Champs)

Clippers 100 Bobcats 93
Kings 135 Bobcats 120
Blazers 127 Bobcats 90
Supersonics 96 Bobcats 89
Jazz 120 Bobcats 95
@ Suns 3/7
West coast trip: 5 games down, 0-5 (pred: 1-5) um, with the Suns left, I can't imagine going 1-5, that prediction was made before Okafor's 4-6 week injury. Without Emeka the Bobcats couldn't defend the OverratedSU Pokes.

I had a nice post all about the conference tournaments and the last weekend of college action, complaining about the CAA getting 3 bids, telling of all the NFL teams throwing money around, and potentially revoking OverratedSU's nickname (if everyone knows they suck are they still overrated?) In summary, life sucks and my computer thinks my battery has 45% power left when it actually has 0% left. All I have time left to do now link to KP's conference tourney odds and give my own fun predictions:
Care to join me John?, 1 pt for winner, 2 for semifinalist, etc, thus lowest score wins.
ACC - still thinking
A-10 - UMass
Big Ten - Ohio St.
Big XII - Texas A&M
Big East - Louisville
Pac10 - UCLA
SEC - Florida
MWC - dare I say Nevada
CUSA - hah, Memphis
MAC - Toledo

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