Tuesday, March 27

Weak Stomachs Need Not Apply

Just a warning, for those of you who can't bear to watch those videos where a running back visibly tears his ACL, you may not want to visit the bottom half of the post. This is (taken from the Charlotte Observer) a list of the last 23 plays of the season run by UNC. Also, Adam Lucas has some interesting insight on the last play in the mailbag (thanks to Cason for pointing me to it).

9:50 left UNC 73 G'town 65

1. Danny Green jacks up a long 3-pointer
2. Ty Lawson turns the ball over.

5. Green jacks up another quick 3 that misses
6. Tyler Hansbrough misses a 10-foot hook.
7. Wayne Ellington misses a 3-pointer.
8. Lawson misses a 3.

Georgetown is now within three points at 75-72.

14. Tar Heels' last shot of regulation, Ellington misses a 3.
18. Terry misses a 3.
19. Terry misses a 12-footer.
20. Ellington misses a 3.
21. Green misses a 3.
22. Green misses another 3.

There were 9 3's in those possessions, a rate WAY too high for any team, much less the inside-out functioning Heels.

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