Thursday, March 22

Heard it here first?

Tubby Smith's going to Minnesota for $1.8 million/year.


Ryan said...

that's somewhat surprising, i mean, i don't know if his skills will translate, but he's much more successful than Tim Floyd or Lon Kreuger, but not more than Pitino. The NBA is a different animal altogether, I'm glad Roy has vocalized his lack of desire to ever coach there. Also, this smells something like the NC State/Herb Sendek situation. A good, i mean GOOD college coach who has large shoes to fill (Rupp-Pitino/Valvano) coaching where expectations are unreasonably high. not sure who UK will go after (Gillespie?, deserving mid-major coach?, the Oregon coach?, Tommy Amaker (haha)) but its probably going to be a step back before its a step forward.

Ryan said...

wow, that's even more suprising. Minny gets a really solid coach (i feel), the same similarities apply, now even to a greater degree (Sendek -> ASU, Smith -> Minn). Both smaller, non-bball schools but still in BCS conferences. i just read john's post and assumed he mean T'Wolves... silly Ryan.

John said...

I give Minnesota one more year of sub-.500 basketball. Similar to the Kansas State situation, also.