Friday, March 23

Scouting Report Observations

This is just some rambling about tonight's UNC/USC game based on the observations I've made from their respective KenPom scouting reports. A few things catch my eye.
Trojan Offense - USC is a better defensive team than offensive team (raw and adj). Their offensive rating balloons from 105.5 (111) to 114.2 (37) when adjusted, perhaps thats a bit much? Thats just my opinion though, KP knows what he's doing. Also, I know John poo-poo's assists, but the Trojans are 277th in A/FGM (I mean, even if you poo-poo them, 277 is rough)
Defensive Balance - UNC's is very even, of the 4 parts (FG, TO, OR, FTR) 3 are between 24-41, and only TO's forced is >100 (and who needs TO's if the rest is gravy?). USC's is a little more top heavy, rating 16, 176, 157, 53) relying heavily on FG% instead of forcings TO's or keeping opponents off the glass. Its the second part of that sentence that makes me giddy, USC doesn't keep their opponents off the glass, just forces poor shooting, hopefully UNC can hustle and use the offensive boards to their advantage to outweigh any poor shooting.
Tar Heels' End - On the flip side, the Trojans offensively rebound really poorly, not like middle of the pack bad, 268th bad.
Oh, you mean we get 3 pts for those? - Both teams ignore the three ball like its the drunk girl at a party, UNC 25.4% 322nd, USC 26.2% 315th. Wow. The even more suprising thing is that the Trojans shoot 39.9% from the rarely visited 3pt-land which is good for 17th in the country.

Just some thoughts, should be a good game, hopefully it will start by 10:30.

Go Heels!

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