Tuesday, March 6

Some individual awards

Full post coming later, but for now, some awards.

Player of the Year, conference
ACC: Jared Dudley
Big East: Roy Hibbert
Big Ten: Drew Neitzel
Big XII: Kevin Durant
MVC: Blake Ahearn
Pac-10: Ivan Radenovic
SEC: Chris Lofton

Pack mule, conference
Get these guys some oxygen.

ACC: Gavin Grant, NCSU (90.7% of team's minutes)
Big East: Brian Laing, Seton Hall (89.2%)
Big Ten: Drew Neitzel, Michigan St. (88.1%)
Big XII: Jarrius Jackson, Texas Tech (94.0%)
MVC: Gabriel Moore, Indiana St. (93.0%)
Pac-10: Mustafa Shakur, Arizona (86.9%)
SEC: Brandon Wallace, South Carolina (90.5%)

Best Pure Shooter
Derek Stockalper, Cal Poly. 83-137 (.606) from inside and 65-130 (.500) from outside the arc this season. Incredible.

Best Offensive Rebounder
Kentrell Gransberry, South Florida. This guy pulled down a full 20.0% of possible offensive boards. One out of every five of his team's misses was hauled in by this guy while he was on the court. Amazing.

Free Throw Rate
Sai'quon Stone, Southern Mississippi. Southern Miss gets all the calls. Stone's field goal attempts: 178. Stone's free throw attempts: 222.

Block Percentage
Joel Anthony, Nevada Las Vegas. BLOCK PARTY! As much shit as I give UNLV, while Anthony was on the court, he swatted a full 18.50% of opponents' 2-point common street trash. Effectively one out of every five 2-pointers. Yikes.

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