Thursday, March 22

Heard it here first?

McRoberts has decided to go pro, a fairly smart move for the big guy, his stock was higher in a weaker draft last year, but the Devils don't look (at this point) to be making a Final Four appearance next year, so he's not missing out on much. Could this be a side effect of Coach K's insistence to make him play as a pure post player.

Also, a story about similar issues on the home front. I'd say that Tyler is a made for college guy and he's likely to lean towards staying, his game translates the most poorly to the NBA. There are rumors that Roy's benching Ty (@GT) and comments about his poor practice habits have him soured on the college experience and could send him away early, but his stock hasn't peaked yet, which may keep him in school. Brandan's stock has peaked (much like Marvin's) due to size and potential, thought personally I don't think he's as ready for the pros as Marvin was and look how that turned out.

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John said...

Even though neither Marvin nor Brandan were ready for the NBA after their freshman year, both were considered "projects with potential," which to me is much better than having skills that don't translate well to the NBA and less-than-desirable size.