Wednesday, March 21

Tar Heel Season

Here it is folks, this is the graphical representation of the Tar Heel Season. Along the x-axis is the dates, the top set of lines is Offensive Efficiency, the middle is Defensive Efficiency, and the bottom is is Pace. Each stat has 2 sets of lines, one representing each game (the crazy all over the place line) and one representing the cumulative average of the stat. Note a few things: an overall decrease in pace, the DE that got drastically better (by playing cupcakes) and then has trended upward into the ACC season, and an offense trending downwards (for the same reason). These numbers are not adjusted for opponents so the final average DE (~92) is much higher than the KP DE (~84), the Heels have played the 7th hardest offensive schedule. For the actual data see KP-land, the UNC Gameplan page.

PS: Thanks to John for MS Painting this pretty picture.

PPS: This may seem like piling on, but here is a good article from a behind the scenes perspective on the team, joking, cutting up, etc.

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