Monday, March 12

Tournament player notables

Well, now that the College Gamenight crew has given their four "players to watch" in each of the four regions, I'll do the same. These are supposed to be players you may not have heard of, so instead of taking from the 20%-of-possessions-used pool, I'll draw from anyone who uses at least 15% of their team's possessions to spread it around a little. Otherwise you have players like Ivan Radenovic, Chase Budinger, and Al Horford in the Midwest.

Bryce Taylor, Oregon
Colin Falls, Notre Dame
Josh Washington, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi
Anthony Morrow, Georgia Tech

Gamenight picks:
Tory Jackson, Notre Dame
Greivis Vasquez, Maryland
Stephen Curry, Davidson
Aaron Brooks, Oregon

Roy Hibbert, Georgetown
Dan Cage, Vanderbilt
Jared Dudley, Boston College
Moses Ehambe, Oral Roberts
(Sorry; Hibbert and Dudley are just that good that they beat out all eligible contenders in this region other than Cage)

Gamenight picks:
Reyshawn Terry, North Carolina
Derrick Low, Washington State
Derrick Byars, Vanderbilt
Caleb Green, Oral Roberts

David Padgett, Louisville
Josh Carter, Texas A&M
Lee Cummard, Brigham Young
Nick Fazekas, Nevada

Gamenight picks:
Jamar Wilson, Albany
Brook Lopez, Stanford
Nick Fazekas, Nevada
Forgot the last one, sorry; don't have DVR

B.A. Walker, Virginia Commonwealth
Derek Raivio, Gonzaga
Keith Simmons, Holy Cross
Jesse Pellot-Rosa, Virginia Commonwealth

Gamenight picks:
Deron Washington, Virginia Tech
Eric Maynor, Virginia Commonwealth
Dashaun Wood, Wright State
Jeremy Pargo, Gonzaga

Since we're all about checking back on our predictions around here, I'll try to look back at these ORtg animals after the first couple rounds and see how they fared, as well as how they stacked up against the Gamenight picks. Also, look for the TFSB bracket (John edition) on Wednesday if Ryan fails to make contact with me on his take soon from a shack on a beach somewhere in Puerto Rico.

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