Tuesday, November 6

Week 9 Pick'em Recap

Ryan: 5-1, 15 points (33-21, 53 points)
Guest (Lucy): 4-2, 13 points (25-29, -6 points)
John: 4-2, 11 points (38-16, 97 points)

A hearty congratulations to all on another good week of pick'em, marking the second time in TFSB pick'em history (in as many weeks) that the guest picker has scored higher than either Ryan or me, with Lucy pulling the victory out over John this week after Cason got by Ryan last week. John decided to pick against the Lions this week and it cost him big time, giving the rest of the panel 11 points while costing him a victory. So much for not usually ending up on the wrong side of blowouts; that one wasn't even close as the Denver defense totally collapsed and Patrick Ramsey had no shot at keeping the Broncos in the game on the offensive side of things.


Ryan said...

Wow, a strong performance, but I'm going to need a lot more to close the large gap John has built. I guess there is always the playoffs. Hey John, how about we invite our best 2 pickers at season's end back for a playoff run?

Also, paging Chuck Patel in Poland, care to take a spin on the ol' Guest Picker Merry Go Round?

John said...

Tournament of Champions sounds like a good idea. Do you mean picking the NFL playoffs, or a playoff between us four in the final weeks of the season?

Ryan said...

Hah, um, John, I'd like to actually win, so we'll pick the real playoffs. Besides, what fun is it to pick the Titans over the Jim Sorgi-led Colts?