Saturday, November 10

Dani's Week 10 Picks

Apparently i've been nominated for pick' here they are. and let me just say, i feel much better about this now that i have an understanding of the rules.

6. Buffalo over Miami
5. Indianapolis over San Diego
4. Detroit over Arizona
3. Philadelphia over Washington
2. Denver over Kansas City
1. New York over Dallas

And my upset: Cincinnati over Baltimore (-5.5).

The circ desk did not contribute this week, all but the upset are gut instinct/impression picks. After last time, I trust those more.


Ryan said...

Don't know if John or I appreciate the cherry picking Dani. The mode of the odds for that Cincy/Balt game seems to be closer to 3/3.5 than 5.5...

John said...

That's my doing, we always take the higher of the lines. I've seen you do it too, don't play.

Ryan said...

I mean, I'll take the high end of a span of numbers, but 5.5 pts is the blatant outlier there, I'm not sure how they're even sucking people into bets on that, why bet there when you can get a 3 point line elsewhere?