Saturday, November 10

Ryan's Week 10 "Peyton Manning Special"

Hey there folks, just providing you with my "Peyton Mannings" of the week. Ok, relax everyone, don't worry, I do have the Colts beating the Bolts, I'm just picking at Peyton a little bit.

6) Buffalo over @Miami - Um, really? Miami is really really really bad, has no one in Vegas noticed this. Ronnie Brown is out for the season.

5) Indianapolis over @San Diego - I can't see the Colts dropping the game after the Pats game, and the Chargers haven't been very consistent. The Colts defense should give Rivers fits.

4) Detroit over @Arizona - I'm all over the Lions bandwagon, and the Cardinals haven't really shown me much since they surprised the Steelers and gave the Ravens a game.

3) Dallas over @New York - Cowboys = class of the NFC, Giants = winning streak from playing a poor schedule. The Giants last real contest was at home agains the Eagles, in week 4.

2) @Kansas City over Denver - I like the Chiefs here, they're a tough matchup at Arrowhead (see last week's game agains the Packers), and their injury is where the Denver is weakest (29th against the rush)

1) Philadelphia over @Washington - This showdown rounds out the NFC East doubleheader of the day. I don't have a whole lot of faith in either team, but after Donovan is in the media he usually plays pretty well that following weekend, so after his "Its not all my fault" claim look for him to lead the team to victory.

Minny over GB (-6)

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