Thursday, November 22

Happy Turkey Day!

Okay folks, the last relative has been chased from the Campbell house in Charlotte, I had visions earlier of posting about all the things I'm thankful for, in picture form, but then something happened. I ate a lot, like a whole lot. So, now I just want to go to bed, or at the least not put the amount of work it would take to track down pictures, not to mention finding things (sports related) for which I am thankful, just imagine lots of college basketball pictures, with some Jon Beason thrown in.

In other news, John has headed for Alabama, so over the break I'll clean up the pick 'em mess from last week while John and I officially take our bye this weekend. I hope everyone has a good weekend and enjoy this (very limited) set of pictures of things that I am thankful for:

Also, as a Public Service Announcement, the Heels play on ESPN"F*^@"U at Midnight Friday to take on the 12th (mod-major poll) ranked Old Dominion Monarchs, then they take on the winner/loser of the Louisville/BYU game at 10:30/7:30.

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