Saturday, November 3

Ryan's Pick 'em (9)

6) Dallas over @Philadelphia - The Cowboys should continue to show that they're the cream of the NFC, up there along with Green Bay and maybe the Giants (I'm not on board with that train yet). The Eagles will provide evidence that their window to winning a Super Bowl is closing fast, extremely fast (or should I say closed fast?).

5) @Detroit over Denver - No one seems to believe in the Lions, ladies and gentlemen, they're actually good. The offense is putting up points, and the defense is playing haphazardly and causing turnovers doing so. The key here is that the Lions have a healthy Kevin Jones and the Broncos have a weak rush defense (29th per FO).

4) Green Bay over @Kansas City - Brett Favre seals the deal and nails down the last franchise (other than Green Bay) that he hasn't defeated. Look for 52 yards on 28 carries for Larry Johnson.

3) Cincinnati over @Buffalo - I don't see the Jets Bills defense containing the Cincy passing game (or running game), so they'll put up tons of points. Can Buffalo even put up tons of points? I'm leaning towards no.

2) @Cleveland over Seattle - I just can't get behind a team that lost to New Orleans at home a few weeks ago, the Browns are looking strong and being 4-3 in the AFC is impressive, being 4-3 in the NFC is.

1) @Atlanta over San Francisco - No reason to think that the [blank] can pull it together for a win here, they've shown some signs of life but nothing to make me feel strongly about them pulling off a victory here over [blank]. Yeah, can you tell which team goes where? Me either.

Jacksonville over @New Orleans (-3.5) - for a measily 2 points

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