Monday, November 12

Oh, The Humanity

Yes, it was a wild weekend in the NFL, so incredibly wild that Dani takes the weekly Pick 'em crown. We really shouldn't invite her to play any more, whenever she shows up we all seems to sink to ~.500, for instance, on these weekends, teams that suffer insanely lopsided losses in previous weeks (Minny 35, SD 17), go ahead an defeat teams they shouldn't (SD 23, Ind 21), while the previous victor totally lays an egg (GB 34, Minny 0). Oh NFL, you're so mysterious. In all seriousness, congrats to Dani for nailing the upset pick and managing the rest of her picks well enough to captain a 3-3 record to a victory on the week.

Dani: 3-3, 4 points (Guest: 28-32, -2 points)
John: 3-3, 1 point (41-19, 98 points)
Ryan: 3-3, -1 points (36-24, 52 points)

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