Monday, November 26

NFL Pick 'em Recap...

...uh, for week 11

First things first, deadbeat Flippy turned in his pick sheet:

6. New York
5. @Baltimore
4. San Diego
3. @Houston
2. St. Louis
1. @Denver

What an honest guy, weeks later he still turns in his picks without cheating. On the week that leaves us at:

Ryan: 15 pts (5-1) [67, 41-25]
John: 7 pts (3-3) [105, 44-22]
Flippy: 3 pts (4-2) [1, 32-34]

Damn you John, again finding a way to net major points with a 3-3 record. I wonder what your record is on the year with 5 and 6 pt picks. I'm only 3 games behind you, but I'm a whole world of points in the red. The guest sniffs positive points for the first time, well, all year I think. Look for some college basketball commentary soon, as this past weekend the "Feast Week" tournaments got things kicked off in earnest, while the two conference challenges look to keep the ball rolling this week. Hopefully, John and I plan on writing up the major UNC games (maybe against all top 50 KP opponents?) and perhaps one major game per week, we should be able to find one top 50 matchup per week, right? Leave any advice, tips, or requests for games to be reviewed (~1 week early please) in the comments, because as you know John and I personally read all of your input.

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