Sunday, November 18

Ryan's Week 11 Picks

aka "Bienvenido a la Tierra de Puntos Negativos"

6) New York over @Detroit - despite losing to the 'boys, the Giants are a much more well rounded team
5) St. Louis over @San Francisco - as long as they play like the Week 10 Rams and not Week 1-9 Rams
4) Cleveland over @Baltimore - Cleveland = NFC Playoff Team, Baltimore is starting Kyle Boller, ouch
3) San Diego over @Jacksonville - I was going to bet on San Diego's inconsistency, but I don't think the Jags can run the ball on the Chargers, so I'll go with the Bolts here
2) @Houston over New Orleans - Andre Johnson rips the Saints pourous secondary to shreds
1) @Denver over Tennessee - Wow, MNF could you get more irrelevant? (yes, yes, they could be showing SF/St Louis)

Carolina over GB (-11) - when Vegas dangles a big fat 6 point carrot in front of me, attached to my favorite team, its really really hard to say no (even if Seattle over Chicago is a free 2 pts that I'll need here in la Tierra de Puntos Negativos), maybe Steve Smith will get the start on a game-time decision, right?

Look for Flippy to drop by later, I think he got out on parole.

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