Friday, November 2

Lucy's Week 9 Picks

Take it away, Lucy...

How dare you threaten me with flippy mcquarter! When have I ever let you down? But I understand Dr. Huff wanting to redeem himself after he blew it the first week. I emailed my mom today and got her picks but then I went to the bookstore and read USA today there just to double check and now I have made my desicion.

detroit over denver (6)
atlanta over san fran (5)
dallas over philadelphia (4)
cincinnati over buffalo (3)
greenbay over kansas city (2)
seatle over cleaveland (1)

I'm listening to mom 100% even though USA today picked Kansas and Cleavland. Kansas won the last 5 times they met and it's the Packers second week on the road but they are a higher rank so why wouldn't I listen mom? Traveling and packing sort of go together anyways don't you think? As far as Seattle @ Cleaveland's rank it's a toss up so here are my thoughts...hmmm... I think Browns is a horrble masscot and I will not pick them. What is a Brown anyway? Those Seahawks have way more style.
Since I had to look up the masscots for teams so that I could understand what I was reading about in the paper, I don't know what an upset would be but I would like to pick Carolina over Tennessee (-4.5). Does that count?

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Ryan said...

in case anyone was wondering, the Cleveland Browns mascot comes from this, he's a mythical elf type of figure.