Thursday, November 1

John's Week 9 Picks

Green Bay over Kansas City (6). Green Bay seems to do everything right, and Ryan Grant has a chance to really shine over the last half of the season. Kansas City's pass defense is very stout indeed, but their offense is just pathetic, and their rush defense is decidedly mediocre.

Dallas over Philadelphia (5). Dallas also seems to do everything right, and Philadelphia's defense just hasn't lived up to expectations this season. Look for Romo to throw all over the Eagles' pedestrian secondary.

Atlanta over San Francisco (4). The 49ers have been just abominable this season. Yuck. Their only bright spot, Frank Gore, has been limited by injuries for the past several weeks. While the Falcons are certainly nothing to write home about, they should be able to get it done at home this week.

Seattle over Cleveland (3). Seattle gets D.J. Hackett back this week, so let the fireworks start against the 31st-ranked pass defense in the Browns.

Denver over Detroit (2). Denver gets the slightest of edges in this matchup because I think their offense matches up better with Detroit's defense than the other way around. Both teams are pretty terrible at both pass and rush defense, but the Broncos' passing attack has shown to be much better than the Lions', with the rushing games being roughly equivalent. This one will be close.

Buffalo over Cincinnati (1). This one will definitely be close too, but I have more faith in Marshawn Lynch running all over the Bungles' weak linebacking corps than I do in Palmer's ability to beat this surprising Buffalo secondary.

Upset Special: Jacksonville over New Orleans (-3.5). Uh, not sure how this is really an upset...but I'll take the easy two points anyway.

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