Thursday, November 23

wow, ryan's picks, AKA seeking new depths
last week: 2-6, on the year: something horrible (12-20)

last week: 4-4, on the year: something better than horrible (15-17)

combined: 1-3, 6-12 ugh

and in the kasparov vs. big blue showdown:
John: 10-6
Ryan: 8-8
Big Blue: 8-8

not too bad, especially since the lines were remarkably low this week (9 under 4 points)

This next week, I move to just void the Thursday games, unless you want to post before they start tomorrow john (just post and I'll know)
Miami (-3) @ Detroit
Tampa (+11.5) @ Dallas
Denver (+1.5) @ Kansas City

if we end up using these, my picks are in bold, have a good weekend everyone

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