Friday, November 3

ok, so this week in the NFL is officially "Blowout Sunday", as only 6 games meeting our preset "no cop out " policy of the line having to be less than or equal to 3 points. thus we are forced to include the Bills Packers game, with a current line of 3.5 points. if for some reason the line goes crazy (like, Brett Favre gets kidnapped for the betterment of society) then i vote we throw this game out and just go with 6 this week. Anyways, the games are:

Chiefs @ Rams
Bengals @ Ravens
Saints @ Bucs
Packers @ Bills
Cowboys @ Redskins
Broncos @ Steelers

and the money pick (drumroll please) based on all of your votes:
Colts @ Patriots

i know, we're going to recieve a lot of flack for that pick, it was a dead heat between that game and the Packers Bills Brett Favre rejuvination game, but we're sorry. if you would like to complain, please use the form below:

"I think your choice of <team A> vs. <team B> for money game of the week, was a <insert biased, short-sighted, or a total cop out> since its obvious that <game you wanted to see us pick> is a much harder game to pick and far more important in the grand scheme of things."

you know, thats just to get you started, if you wanted to complain about such things.

PS: i hate the Bobcats, 10 pt lead heading into the 4th, then lose the 4th quarter 36-13. same ol' same ol'. what's not the same is the lopsided hustle stats, Bernie's Bunch was taken out back on the offensive glass (19-5), thus erasing the 35.6 to 47.1 FG% advantage they owned. on the bright side, one ravi sanghani can shut the hell up about us needing to draft Rudy Gay over Adam Morrison:
Gay: 0-4 for 2 pts in 13 mins.
Morrison: 8-15 for 21 pts in 30 mins.
(they both had similarly low boards, assists, TOs, etc)

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