Wednesday, November 1

alright, in an attempt to flaunt my sports knowledge of another sport over john, its time for NBA Pick'em!!! ok, yeah, thats not happening, however, its time for predictions of the season to come, i mean, thats the whole point of this blog right? to show our sports genius by providing accountability for our predictions, so here goes:

West Suprise Team
+Houston Rockets: solid line-up, and all it takes is yao and t-mac healthy for the season
(Clips, runner up, but i think eveyone expectes them to succeed)
-NO Hornets: CP3 year two, he won't sneak up on anyone this year, come May they'll find themselves closer to Greg Oden than to the playoffs
West Champ: SA Spurs

East Suprise Team
+Milwalkee Bucks: new uniforms colors = good karma, its already started as Andrew Bogut will be back ahead of schedule, add his development to fleecing Toronto out of Chuck Villenueva and they'll be better than expected
(close runner up the Nets, but i think they're expected to be good, so i dunno if this should count)
-Miami Heat: don't get me wrong, they're playoff caliber especially in the East, but they won't run away with things, like many suggest (expecially if Halloween Shaq shows up all year)
East Champ: Bulls (as 3 or 4 seed in the playoffs, its all about defense that time of year)
NBA Champ: SA Spurs

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John said...

I don't know if eveyone expectes the Clippers to succeed, but I sure do.

Also, Milwalkee is my #1 choice in the East.