Friday, November 17

Last week, upon Byron's learning (yes we had to tell him, no he doesn't read the blog) that our picks were a paltry .500 on the year, he laughed at us, and suggested he could do better with a quarter or computer randomizer. We took his challenge, and so far we're all tied at 1-0 (we all picked the Panthers over the Bucs). Now, lets see what and increased sample size will do. This week we're going to pick ALL the games to prove our point that we're smarter than a random coin. However, don't worry, we'll still keep tabs on our top-7 and the money game of the week (gotta be denver/san diego). The only problem is that Byron is "in absentia" visiting the cold and soon to be depressed Ann Arbor campus for med school interviews. Never fear, for we can use Byron's computer, which he left, to predict the games, since that's what he'd use anyways. Ok, enough talk, on to the schedule:

Atlanta at Baltimore

Buffalo at Houston

Chicago at N.Y. Jets

Cincinnati at New Orleans

Minnesota at Miami

New England at Green Bay

Oakland at Kansas City

Pittsburgh at Cleveland

St. Louis at Carolina

Tennessee at Philadelphia

Washington at Tampa Bay

Detroit at Arizona

Seattle at San Francisco

Indianapolis at Dallas

San Diego at Denver $$$
New York at Jacksonville

sorry folks, turns out I was jumping the gun a tad, and we have MULTIPE ELIGIBLE GAMES!!! There are 8 games that have a line of <4, (including SD/Den) so that means that John and I actually pick this week. I'm also throwing in Baltimore/Atlanta b/c its 4 points. And Tampa/Wash is still blank, but if i had to guess the line will be close. FYI, the eligible games are bolded, and we'll figure that out later. Looks like Byron lucked out and may have a better shot than we thought with so many close games.

UPDATE (5:10 PM): 2 more games added, Wash/TB is within the margin as per Bill Simmons' column and apparently so is Seattle @ SF, should be a fun week

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