Friday, November 10

So, um, yeah, we've kinda fallen asleep at the switch here. I'll just update the football standings:

John: 4-4 (7-9 overall)
Ryan: 3-5 (7-9 overall)
combined: 3-5 (all weeks, $$$ game counts as 1)

and in other news, GO RUTGERS, who saved my title game prediction last night by beating Louisville

the eligible games of the week:
Chiefs @ Dolphins
Bears @ Giants
Rams @ Seahawks
Chargers @ Bengals
(now we get out of the +/- 3 pt spread range)
Packers (+5.5) @ Vikings
Saints (+4.5) @ Steelers
Niners (+6) @ Lions

money game, any suggestions?


John said...

I don't see how our money game, if we have one, wouldn't be Bears-Giants.

John said...

Also, the smart money's on the Niners in their game against the Niners.