Saturday, November 18

Ryan's Picks (here we go, making Byron look sillier than MICHIGAN did yesterday)
Baltimore over Atlanta: this one was close, no ray-ray, but Vick has been horrible lately, he'll have to make a vast improvement to beat this defense

Houston over Buffalo: i almost had to think about this game, then i realized the bills don't have McGahee

Chicago over N.Y. Jets: yeah, Benson, 2 TDs, and still on my bench, maybe i'll put him in for Tatum

New Orleans over Cincinnati: yeah, they shot their wad last week, time for an emotional letdown and more yelling at teammates

Miami over Minnesota: solid defense stops the excuse for a run game that the Jets have, and when you can't run you can't win

New England over Green Bay: three in a row? ha, not for the street urchin

Kansas City over Oakland: this is the one Byron will flip "Oakland" and be sorry he challenged John and I

Cleveland over Pittsburgh: the upset is really tempting here, not sure why, what the hell, you only live once right, GO BROWNS

Carolina over St. Louis: gotta go with the home team, that and Pep will OWN this rook playing in place of Orlando Pace, too bad Lucas isn't playing or I'd be starting the Panther's D in fantasy

Philadelphia over Tennessee: McNabb of the past vs. McNabb of the future, i'll take the experience

Tampa Bay over Washington: yeah, Washington couldn't beat Duke right now, they can't run, can't pass (not yet with Jason Campbell), and can't defend ANYone

Detroit over Arizona: its hard to pick a game between two equally erratic equally and hard-luck teams

Seattle over San Francisco: well, i think i'd pick Seattle even without Hasselbeck and Alexander, who might be back

Indianapolis over Dallas: apparently Dallas isn't going to alter their gameplan for the Colts, what a joke, lets NOT drop 6 on every play and force them to run and pound the ball down their throats like Tenn and Buff did, god Parcells is a genius

Denver over San Diego: its at Denver, i don't care if the ghost of Gale Sayers was playing against them, or if Jim Brown 30 years ago, or Barry Sanders crossed with Gale Sayers, or Ryan Houston, people don't score on Denver in Denver
Jacksonville over New York: no pass rush no win for the Giants, the Jags defense is staunch as usual

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