Saturday, November 25

Here are the Week 12 picks (we're only picking five now, since we already picked two for Thanksgiving):

Jacksonville over Buffalo. The Jaguars, while quite inconsistent, have looked dominant recently.

Baltimore over Pittsburgh. Big Ben's going to have a bit tougher time against the Ravens' D than he has in the past two weeks, so I can't convince myself to take a gamble on riding the Steelers' coattails to victory for three straight weeks.

Cincinnati over Cleveland. The league's third-best offense will run roughshod over Cleveland's 29th-best offense.

New Orleans over Atlanta. Michael Vick just looks terrible right now.

And the money pick...

New England over Chicago. Gutsy call, but I'm manning up and sticking with the Pats after an initial pre-stat-check pick. And if Ryan's luck is any good at predicting who will win, this one's money in the bank for me. Hey, if Miami can do it...

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