Sunday, November 5

My Week 9 picks:

Kansas City over St. Louis. Seems to be an even matchup, but that Rams defense is terrible.

Baltimore over Cincinnati.
Ravens win by two touchdowns.

New Orleans over Tampa Bay.
This one's a lot more lopsided than people seem to think it is. Our boy Reggie gets two touchdowns today - one rushing, one receiving.

Green Bay over Buffalo.
Favre lights up the Bills' poor defense to the tune of five touchdowns.

Dallas over Washington
(not Atlanta, as Ryan seemed to think earlier). This one's also a lot more lopsided than people seem to think it is; the Cowboys win handily.

Denver over Pittsburgh. This one should actually be pretty close, because Roethlisberger should be getting over that concussion by now.

And the money pick:

New England over Indianapolis. Horrors! This one will be fun to watch. Peyton's totally the better quarterback (I do love laser, rocket arms), but all signs point to the Patriots right now.

I'm pretty sure Ryan and I will agree on most of these...these games, though with similar spreads, aren't nearly as close matchup-wise as last week's games.

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