Sunday, November 5

short and sweet today:

Chiefs over Rams - LJ too much for revamped Rams' D

Ravens over Bengals - defense regains its poise, Palmer throws 3 picks

Saints over Bucs
- repeat of 3 weeks ago

Packers over Bills
- cold weather? cold weather doesn't bother the GREATEST QB EVER

Cowboys over Redskins
- yeah, i wish Clinton would go for 120 and 2 touches, but its doubtful

Steelers over Broncos
- upset special, Steelers stop the run, and Jake regains old form

and the $$$$$ game of the week:
Patriots over Colts
- yeah, yeah, yeah, but Peyton's still a better QB (Maroney/Dillon tag team run for 300+ combined yards)

Last week: Ryan 4-4, John 3-5, combined 0-1

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