Saturday, November 4

Gold Glove Debate, NL

Winner: Greg Maddux (2.83/1.000/2)
Maddux was the clear winner with the best Range Factor at his position in the third-most total chances, with a perfect fielding percentage.

Winner: Albert Pujols (10.55/.996/25)
Pujols also was the clear winner here, with the highest Range Factor at his position in the second-most total chances, with a stellar .996 fielding percentage.

Winner: Orlando Hudson (5.47/.984/42)
Wow! 3-3 so far on clear winners. His closest competitor was Jamey Carroll, who also had 42 FRAR in some 300 fewer total chances (Carroll actually had a higher FRAR overall, but only 42 came as a second baseman).

Winner: Omar Vizquel (4.18/.993/20)
Should have won: Pretty much anyone else. The best fielding shortstop this season, no surprise, was Adam Everett, posting a 4.74/.990/39 line. Other candidates include Rafael Furcal (32 FRAR), Jimmy Rollins (31), Jack Wilson (27), and Craig Counsell (25).

Winner: Scott Rolen (3.06/.965/24)
Should have won: Freddy Sanchez (3.31/.981/30)
Uh-oh. Falling off the wagon on clear choices here. This one wasn't as bad as the 19-point FRAR difference between Vizquel and Everett, but come on, guys.

Winners: Carlos Beltran (2.81/.995/31), Mike Cameron (2.70/.984/21), Andruw Jones (2.61/.995/14)
Should have won: Willy Taveras (2.77/.986/33), Beltran, and Randy Winn (2.68/.992/25)
Cameron was an okay selection; Andruw wasn't. Just two errors this season, but his range isn't what it used to be. There were a number of better candidates over his 14 FRAR.

Winner: Brad Ausmus (7.94/.998/30)
The Astros continue to play Ausmus and Everett for their gloves instead of their bats, and it seems to be working out okay, as both continue to excel at their position.

Not bad for the NL, either; SS, 3B, and an OF should have had different winners this year, with Vizquel and Andruw being the only terrible selections.

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